"Bangladesh Artisans Home Decor Ltd." has been founded on the demand of eco-friendly, sustainable products worldwide. we were in the business since 2010.
It is our passion to work with our locally grown natural fibers more than a business. Now a days, 'necessity of use of Eco-Friendly products in order to reduce the use of plastics' inspired us to work with natural elements like Seagrass, Sweetgrass, Water Hyacinth, Bamboo, Rattan, Maize Husk, Date leaf, Cotton, Cane, Palm fiber, Banana Fiber, Genuine Leather etc. We feel that, working with these kind of sustainable products, we are not only doing business but also we are contributing to save the earth. At the same time, we are getting opportunity to work with hundreds and thousands of disadvantages people, woman, youngers in several villages in the country.